America vs North Korea

Trupm took the first step on the same South Korean land, which until a few months before he had so much animosity that the world was facing the threat of nuclear war.

The story of America's enmity with North Korea is very old
At first the relationship between South Korea and America was very tense Beginning with threats to destroy and ruin each other, Then pressing the button of the Atom bomb reached the point But it is said that only talking makes a talk Then came a time when the two leaders, who became enemies of each other's life, met each other and now these close ties grew so much that for the first time in history, a US President stepped on the borders of his enemy 70 years old. Yes, the whole world was shocked when US President Donald Trump stepped on the soil of North Korea.

Trump took the first step on the same South Korean land, which until a few days before he had so much animosity that the world was facing the threat of nuclear war.  Nobody had thought that the two would come so close one day that Trump would become the first American President to step on the soil of Korea The two not only met but Trump also invited Kim Jong Un to come to the White House.

The story of Korea is very fluctuating.  Actually, 70 years ago Korea was the same.  But later it split into two Yes, Korea was one about 70 years ago But then all that happened after which Korea split into two Became a North Korea, Second South Korea. But South Korea remained calm after partition. After some time, he also caught the path of democracy But what happened to North Korea that it became a bomber.  Fall behind bombs and missiles?  His enmity with South Korea can still be understood But what is his enmity with America? So to know the answers to all these questions, it was important to know the story of Korea.

Border of haters
These two countries are seen on the world map in today's date Actually he was once one The limit was one People were one.  The nation was one The head of state was one But this line of border drawn on the basis of hatred made it the most dangerous border in the world The country on one side of the border is called North Korea and the other side is South Korea.

Korea dynasty story
This story of Korea begins from the era of the Silla dynasty Korea had a strong identity on the world map apart from China and Japan in the Korean peninsula under the rule of Silla about 900 years But by the 20th century, the grip of the Silla dynasty began to weaken over Korea.

Japan took over in 1910
Japan occupied the Silla dynasty in 1910 after nearly a decade and a half of domination in the Korea Peninsula.  But with the Japanese occupation, the fire of revolt started in this country The Koreans formed many rebel organizations for their independence Some of whom were Chinese and Soviet communist supporters.  And some organizations had the support of America Rebel Kim Sang Il, together with Chinese communists, created a gorilla army that was competing with Japan.

Independence from Japan in 1945
On the other hand, in the second world war which lasted from 1939 to 1945, the American hostility was heavy for the Japanese And Japan was forced to lay down its arms in this war With this, Korea became free from the clutches of Japan after 36 years of slavery. But till then the clouds of World War II were not over The whole world was then seen to be divided into two groups. One American bloc and the other Soviet bloc  Even the Korean rebels were not untouched by this.

Two pieces of Korea after independence
Korea got independence from Japan, but as soon as Japan left Korea, there were situations like civil war in Korea The factions formed for independence were now divided into two separate power centers.  The Communist faction of Kim Il-sang, which occupied the northern part of Korea, had the support of the Soviet Union So, the faction of anti-communist leader Sigman Ri, who dominated the southern part of Korea, had the support of the US Now the situation became such that keeping the areas occupied by both of them, Korea was split into two.  After partition one became North Korea and the other was South Korea.

15 August 1948 Dispute after partition
But this dispute of partition had just started.  After independence from Japan in 1947, the United States took the initiative to make Korea a nation again through the United Nations With this, with the support of the US, Segaman Ri announced the formation of the Republic of Korea in Seoul, taking control of the whole of Korea  But 25 days after this announcement, Kim Il Sang also announced his right over Korea by announcing the formation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Pyongyang.  Despite the partition, military and political fighting between the two countries continued.

25 June 1950 Attack on South Korea
The dispute over the rights over Korea was still going on that on 25 June 1950, North Korea ruler Kim Il Sang attacked South Korea with the help of China and Soviet Union And it was from here that the Korean War began In this war, the Soviet Union was on North Korea and America was on South Korea The war lasted for three years in which millions of people died.

27 July 1953 Ceasefire declaration
After three years of fighting, finally after the mediation of many countries, on 27 July 1953, both countries declared a ceasefire.  But despite this, tension remained in both the countries  Which continues even today.  These two-and-a-half miles of border without military patrol separates the border of the two countries from each other.  But despite this, it is known as the most dreaded border in the world.

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