Complete details about Indian and Pakistan war of 1965

Indo pak war 1965
Actually a war was happened between india and china in the year of 1962 and in that war china was the winner so because of this defeat of india, Pakistan started to thinking that the military of india is weak and they have not Modern weapons and which was true that india had not modern weapons but after 1965 india started to buying them, also at that time Pakistan was the good friend of America so that's why America gave some modern weapons to Pakistan for example fighter planes, Tanks and guns to save Pakistan from Soviet Union because of these American weapons Pakistani army was very confident because they were thanking that we have qualitative edge, military hardware, and air power so they thought this is best time to attack on india and occupied the Kashmir or solve the Kashmir issue.

In the year of 1964 India's former prime minister "Jawaharlal Nehru" was died, Nehru was well knowing political personality in the world and after his death india had political crisis there was tension among the Congress leaders as to who would become the next Prime Minister so that's why India's political leadership was become little weak also India's economy was not strong Any progress was not happened about Kashmir dispute issue so because of these reasons Pakistan thought we should attack on Kashmir and occupied it.

At that time "general ayub khan" used to be leader of Pakistani army but in 1958 he Coup d'etat and become the president of Pakistan.

And at that time India's prime minister was "Lal Bahadur shastri" but he was the prime only for two years and then after this war he was died.

In april 1965 some small events started to happened in kutch because there is a border of indian and Pakistan and near it there is a place called "sir creek" there was a dispute between Indian and Pakistan over Sir Creek India used to say that it belongs to us and Pakistan use to say that it belongs to us because the border was not fix from 1947, little firing was happened between both countries but because of England arbitration both the country decided to talk on that issue.

In 1965 Pakistan has an objective to sent it's army in Kashmir India and Provoked the people of India, after that in August Pakistan had start a new operation "Gibraltar" in that operation Pakistan dropped it's paratroopers and special forces in Kashmir Pakistani paratroopers was targeting to Kashmiri strategic points for example bridges, communication networks Etc but this operation got failed because Kashmiri did not supported it, Civilians of Kashmir caught many soldiers of Pakistan and give them to Indian army so that's why operation Gibraltar was completely failed.

However, after failed in Gibraltar operation Pakistan had started a new operation "Grand Slam" in that operation Pakistan had sent its full blow army to capture the Akhnoor, because Pakistani military knew it if they capture Akhnoor so India's area Poonch and Rajouri will be cut off from india and with it Pakistani air force had started bombing campaign in Kashmir and Pakistani air force dropped many bomb in Indian area but in responsed India's air force was successful to repulsed this attack  and after these two attacks the war was started.

So Pakistan had thrown its entire army to capture Kashmir and in responsed India has sent it's Army to Punjab to bring the pressure on Pakistani army because indian knew if we attack in Punjab so some Pakistani soldiers will come to save Punjab so that's why indian army had started attack on Punjab and India's armoverd division had entered Into Pakistan and reached near the  Lahore indian force was few kilometres from Lahore and in responsed Pakistani army also attacked And Pakistan had captured India's "Khem Karan" city which 5 kilometers away from the border in India and Pakistan's target was to captured indian "Amritsar" because indian was trying to captured Pakistani area Lahore To expelling the Pakistani army from Khem karan, india had started a new fierce battle also known (Asal Uttar) and in that battle india has again won it's area khem karan.

So in that Punjab's battle a large tank was conflict first time after the world war 2 and Pakistan had many modern American Pakistani patton tanks which was superior but india had not, but because of India's strong strategy the army of India caused a lot of damage to Pakistan and defeated Pakistani modern tanks because Pakistan had good Weapons but they had not good strategy like india.

Pakistani air force was also superior because America had supplied aircraft to Pakistan and these aircraft inflicted a huge damage initially with help of these aircrafts Pakistan had damaged many military camp of India, mainly this battle was between ground force and the air force, navy had not any big role.

This war lasted for 22 days and in these days Soviet Union and American was trying to ceasefire this war because the cold war going on, On the September 22, 1965, by agreeing with the Soviet Union and the US, this war came to an end India declared a ceasefire on the night of 22 September And the very next day, on 23 September, the battle was stopped between India and Pakistan.

Tashkent Declaration
At that time Tashkent used to located in Soviet Union and now it the part of Uzbekistan.
• On 10 January 1966 tashkent declaration was happened with the help of USA and Soviet Union.
• In that declaration, it was decided that India and Pakistan will accept their earlier borders.
• India had to give Hajipir pass to Pakistan again.
• Diplomatic relations was restored again
• Prisoner of war was returned to each other's countries.
• And it was decided that both the countries will keep peace and will talk together on Kashmir issue.

Who won?
• If we talk about who won this was so India and the Pakistan both claims their victory
• According to Neutral assessment- India was upper hand and the Pakistan would have serious depletion of resources
And in the Tashkent declaration - there was not nay 'War Guilt' clause.

Why india was upper hand?
India was upper hand because of it's better war strategy and it's quick deployment.

Why Pakistan did not won this war?
Even though Pakistan had better modern weapons But they have not a better war strategy like india.

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