Demo-2 mission launch in detail

It was happened first time in the history that When a private company took a person into space at 27 and 28 May, at 2 o'clock at 3 minutes, A spacecraft of SpaceX left with 2 astronauts of NASA American Space Agency NASA has many years of experience and experienced astronaut And Elon musk's company SpaceX has rockets and spacecrafts made of the best technology This is the first time when NASA and SpaceX have come together for a human space flight demonstration the name of mission is Demo-2 Much depends on the success of this test flight mission of America It is being described as a historical event in human space travel.

Demo-2 is demonstration to see this That can SpaceX reach Astronauts to ISS from earth and bring them back to earth from ISS
ISS means (International space station) This is a man-made satellite designed like a house Which orbits 408 kilometers above the Earth and Some astronauts also live there and they do a lot of important research on space If space is an ocean then ISS the closest island where any spacecraft can go That is why going to ISS and returning from there it's seen as the first step in space and demo-2 took this first step

Maybe a question is coming in your mind that this has happened many times but what is special in Demo-2 ?
To understand Demo-2, you can see both parts of it, Its lower part is of a rocket named Falcon 9 And its upper part is spacecraft named Crew Dragon
Rocket is the biggest part of the mission but its work is only for a few minutes All the rocket has to do Is that The spacecraft which is the top part of the rocket, take it into space and leave it in space Space starts about 100 kilometres above from the Earth's surface Once Rocket arrives there then the rocket breaks away from the spacecraft and falls back towards the earth But Falcon-9 does not fall towards the earth, it returns

The Falcon-9 is one of the best russabale rockets ever made The rocket is the largest part of the entire craft but after any launch it is dropped into a sea but it's not same in Falcon-9 In December 2015, for the first time in history, after an orbiter launch a rocket was safely landed on earth But landing a rocket on earth is also a risky job In April 2016, the same rocket was successfully landed on a ship which was deployed in the Atlantic Ocean again in 2020 This rocket was used in demo-2 mission it's name Falcon-9 but the main part of mission is spacecraft And in Demo-2, the spacecraft above the Falcon-9 is named Crew Dragon And the Crew Dragon of SpaceX has the ability to regularly take 4 astronauts to ISS and bring them back from there and it was Demonstration, so that's why 2 Astronauts were sent to ISS

Basically 2 types of items can be sent from any spacecraft Crew and Cargo Which carried crew it's called Crew dragon and which is carried cargo it's called Cargo dragon So dragon is the main things In October 2012, SpaceX's cargo dragon went to the ISS and became the first private spacecraft to go there Since then, Falcon-9 till date This cargo dragon of SapceX is delivering NASA's luggage
But it takes more load to send humans than sending the luggage
Because luggage can only break But in Astronauts it becomes a question of life and death
And SpaceX's crew dragon is being told a very correct answer to this question Never seen a spacecraft like crew dragon before and like Falcon-9 it is also Reusable it's very cost effective spacecraft the biggest feature of this spacecraft is that, it's totally automated The biggest advantage of being automated is that the crew going into it can focus on research

What's more in Crew dragon
from outside view Crew Dragon can be broken into 2 parts Capsule and Trunk
The upper part is the capsule, inside it the suitable environment has to be maintained because Astronauts and Cargo stay there the lower part of it is in this there's no load to maintain the environment

Who are the Astronauts
Their name is Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley they both are experienced
This mission is a part of NASA's commercial crew program The total accumulation of the program is that US government and private organizations will come together and work on deep research in space At present, NASA has chosen 2 companies for this program first we know it's SpaceX and second is Blue origin
So Elon musk wanna have a home on Mars NASA wanna go the moon again

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