How the world Will end

We live on the blue ball or we can say blue planet where all the species were born human or Animals i mean every living thing Except our blue planet till today we have not the possibility of life in any other planet Every great king like Alexander was born on earth they ruled on earth Every war took place on earth big buildings built here like the Burj Khalifa But as people says that whoever born will die someday and its confirm that we shall die someday too Which is true Someday our mobile Computer t.v will end likewise our universe will end too But it will take too long time But have you ever that that how our Blue earth will end ?
Scientist has given four reasons for how our Earth will end Which i will tell you today

So first of all i would like to tell you about THE EXTINCTION OF HUMANITY as you know that there are 7.7 billion people on the Earth And humans have been in human form for millions of years Due to the evolution in Apes there was a gradual change and this change became so much in millions of years that some species of Apes change into human forms Actually the atmosphere of our earth keeps changing due to which the atmospheric pressure is reduced or increased To avoid this Atmospheric pressure Creature's body do changes in itself And this is why another new species is born In future there will be a change in the atmospheric pressure of the Earth and humans will not look like today's human after millions of years Due to us the Earth's atmospheric pressure is changing Nuclear Weapons Bioweapons and the other things like that can change the geology of the earth Because of which all life on earth will end And the Earth will also become a barren planet like other planets

Second thing THE BOILING OF EARTH AND OCEAN How weird is this coincident that That the size of our planet distance from Sun Mass Gravitation everything is so perfect because of that thousands of Species are alive on this earth today And the Earth is covered with such an accurate amount of water that the temperature here is balanced This sea will not be on the earth all the time, the sun is going to become a red demon in the future also known as Red Giant The sun will expand and get hot as well and will become very shiny It will be so hot at one time that the water of all the ocean of the earth will be exhausted in a few seconds The whole earth will be warm like Venus And at that time only few bacteria of the earth will be able to survive in the atmosphere The sun will grow so large that Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars and Asteroid Belt will go inside the sun Then life will start on Saturn's moon, but it will take billions of years now

The third is REDUCTION TO A BARREN Rock What if everything on earth becomes Ash what if All the trees, plants, animals and human become ashes It shall be happen as I told you that the sun is expanding let me tell you in detail
The core of the sun is made of Hydrogen and Helium And one time all the hydrogen in the core will be finish and then only helium will fuse in the core Which will release a lot of energy Sun's helium will have become a burning red giant Due to which the sun's Diameter will increase 200 times Then it will be as big as the Jupiter's orbit and will do collaboration with Jupiter and it Will become a white ball at that time, the Earth would have been roasted The solar system in which once had humans and it was a life-worthy planet, will be exposed to the sun

And the last one is SWALLOWED OR REJECTED The life will be end on earth but Scientists has found that Some planets keep circling of the star center even after being swallowed by star And if this happens in our solar system then life on earth will end but it will still be saved When the sun turns into a white ball and the earth escapes and starts orbiting close to its cold place so life can begin again on Earth But still there are many reasons for Earth's end
For example, suppose a huge planet collides with the Earth, which will crush the Earth It may also be that after Collins, the earth pieces form a ring like an asteroid belt which Will be larger then the asteroid belt
It is also possible that a huge matorite passes close to the earth and interrupts the earth's orbit So that the Earth's trajectory would changed and it goes outside the solar system So the Earth will leave the solar system and become a disease planet This is the last chance that the sun will take the form of like a black ball Then it will swallow the earth and all the planets will be destroyed Even if the Earth is saved from all the possibilities above, it cannot escape the black ball

All the planets have been given names by humans, like Jupiter, Mars and Venus but who gave Earth names to Earth it is a mystery 

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