Is Israel safe to visit

Is Israel safe

As you know that Israel is one of the smallest country in the world but still it's counted among the most powerful country Israel is the country which is surrounded by its enemy countries from all around and its enemies are want to eliminate Israel in any way as soon as they get the chance Despite these difficulties, this country which came on the world map in 1948s is nothing short of a nightmare for its enemies It said about the people of Israel that they are self respecting and patriotic and because of their patriotism Israel today responds by putting eyes in the eyes of enemies country so here so I'm gonna tell you some interesting things about this county in details

Israel was established on 14th may 1948 after a long struggle, the Jews gained independence from the occupied by Palestine and a new independent nation was established which was named Israel The word Israel has been used since the Bible and before According to the Bible Jacob was named Israel after fight a war with the angel of god the term has been used for the Jewish land since that time Israel is officially the only Jewish country in the world And one of the most important policy of this country is that if any Jewish child is born in any country all over the world so it will automatically get Israeli citizenship and can stay in Israel whenever he wants.

The national language of Israeli is Hebrew as we know that some people are ashamed to speak their own language in their own country for example India but you will be surprised to know that Hebrew language had ended in the medieval period And there was no one left to learn Hebrew Language but when Israel was founded so the patriotic Jews revived their language Hebrew and made it the official language of Israel and this is how the language was reborn
According to the 2018 figures the total population of Israel is around 92 million 
Israel is the only country in the world where every citizen is required to undergo military treaning even if he the son of the prime minister of the country its required to work in the army for some time whether male or female Army treaning of children begins in Israel from the age of 15 after completing high school they have to Join military service and it's necessary for boys to work in the army for 3 years and girls for 2 years
You must know that Israel is a Democratic country but still there is no written Constitution like India or Britain There in Israel rules and laws are made and changing according to the tradition and facilities of the countrymen

All of you must have cycled buy have you ever got a licence for cycling? I think now But Israel is the only country in the world where you have to make a licence for cycling too
Also Israel is one of the 9 countries in the world that has Nuclear Weapons and satellite systems and the Air force of Israel is the fourth largest and powerful air force in the world You can judge the strength of Israeli air force when in 1976, Palestine terrorist hijacked an Israeli plane filled with 248 passengers and took them to Uganda at that time Operation thunderbolt, Also known as Operation Entebbe was then carried out at the behest of the Israeli government In this the Israeli Air force had penetrated 4000 kilometres away from their country in Uganda and rescued all its hostages safely in just 90 minutes
Israel is the only country in the world which is equipped with complete Anti Ballistic missile defense system means if any Missile fired towards Israel will be destroyed before reaching Israel 

Israel is far ahead not only in weapons but also in Science Motorola made its first Mobile phone in Israel While the pentium chip for Microsoft was also made in Israel Not only this, The first voice mail technology was also developed in Israel itself
And the great Scientist Albert Einstein was also a Jew and He was offered to become the first president of Israel But he turned down the offer Saying that he was not made for politics also Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of the famous social site like Facebook is also a Jew

At the time of its independence Israel was just a piece of barren land where it could neither be cultivated nor was there a source of water but soon on the basis of technology Israel become self dependent in the matter of food Today, Israel produces 93 percent of its own food items and in addition, it cleans the sea water and uses it for drinking and other purposes and you'll be surprised to know that in Israel there's only 40 Book store because the government here provides books to everyone person Apart from all this A copy of every book printed in Israel is kept in the library of the Jewish National University as we know that Book are very expensive today And some Schools force the parents to buy books so they must learn from Israel

Israel's coastline is just 273 kilometres long Despite this There is 137 official beach
The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is considered the world's most dangerous intelligent agency it is said about Mossad that once you become in it's eyes so it's agent will find you from the base once in 1972, 12 Israeli players were killed by Palestinian at the munich Olympic games in Germany then the Israeli Prime minister 'Golda Meyer' launched Operation black Septembers and give a free hand to Mossad saying that a single terrorist was alive should not be avoided For the next 22 years Mossad's agents Searched and killed a terrorist who was involved in that terrorist attack

Israel's military strength can be gauged from this that in June 1967, when half a dozen Muslim countries including Jordan and Syria and Iraq attacked Israel together so Israel retaliated all these badly in just six days all was defeated The Arab countries have not forgotten that defeat till date in history this war is also know as Six day war

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