Life on mars

Life on mars
Well! Earth is the only planet in our solar system where life has been possible so far.  Apart from the Earth, Scientists are researching on other planets and scientists hope that there can be life on those planets or those planets can be made for life, In which the first name comes of Mars which is very close to the Earth And the chances of life on it are much higher than in other homes, Because it is close to the Earth and far away from the Sun, due to which there is not much heat on it, but there is too much cold on it, so there is not yet a suitable environment for it to flourish.

We all know that oxygen is a very important thing to live without which a person may live for a few seconds, And the biggest reason for being on life on such planets is that there is a huge lack of oxygen there, And there is a lot of oxygen available on Earth, so life is possible here, But according to the scientists, in the coming years, they will create a habitable environment for humans at homes like the Moon and Mars and humans will be able to live there too.

Robots that have been to Mars
The biggest reason behind finding life on Mars is that the Earth will be destroyed at some point or the other, to save mankind, scientists are looking for life on other planets so that when the Earth is destroyed then the human race remains, There can be many reasons for the destruction of the earth, today's human is destroying the earth itself and its death will be in human hands but as soon as the earth is destroyed, the whole human race will be destroyed, So with this fear, we are looking for life on other planets and perhaps scientists can create an environment worth living on other planets, But life on other planets is not possible and the reason is that either it is far away from the Sun or it is close to the Sun. Earth is the only planet which is located at exactly the right place from the Sun, so there is neither much heat here  There is no winter or there is a very liveable environment here.

And it is very difficult to create such an environment on any other planet because we cannot take any planet near or far from the sun and hence the chances of life on that planet are reduced, There are eight planets in our solar system, inside which Jupiter, Saturn, Arun and Varuna planets are just gaseous, On which there is only gas, and besides this, Mercury and Venus are very close to the Sun, whose temperature is more than 250 degrees Celsius, now Mars has survived, but it has a problem that  But there is a drastic drop in temperature because it is far away from the Sun, so this means that the temperature here is even lower than that of the Earth.

Life on mars facts
Life is not possible on Mars, there is not only one reason that the temperature there is low, there are many other reasons why life on Mars is not possible right now or how life can be made possible over it in the coming time This information will be given to you in this post So far 55 missions have been done over Mars.  Of them, 15 missions have been successful and you are still running, 2 have been most successful, they have brought the most information.

On the basis of diameter, Mars is half of our Earth.  The process of rotating and the weather cycle of Mars is equal to the weather cycle of the Earth and the speed of the Earth's rotation In addition to our earth in the solar system, there is more possibility of our life on Mars and there is also a possibility of water However, liquid water has not been found above Mars yet.  But on top of this, there is a very large peak of ice in the South Pole, if the entire ice melts, then the surface of Mars will sink to 11 feet under water.According to the evidence found by geologists, the water above Mars was in a large volume.  .

Mars has a 95.32 percent carbon dioxide presence of 0.30% oxygen in the atmosphere and scientists are looking to increase the presence of oxygen by 20% on top of it, along with elements like uranium thorium above Mars which are currently discussed Subject to, A scientist on the subject believes that there was an alien civilization on Mars before, but that civilization was destroyed by an advanced aliens with a nuclear bomb, but to prove this, Doctor Jo number that scientist still has  There is no significant evidence.

What would life on Mars be like
And apart from this, there is no such discovery by other scientists after which it is known that this thing is true, they will realize that there used to be a civilization here before, although we cannot answer all these questions. Mission of the 3030 Journey 2 Mars  In which NASA is working fully to send humans to Mars, on top of this mission, NASA scientist is going to send humans to search on the moon for many months.  Up till now you have spent crores.

And NASA is working very hard for this mission. Those people are working day and night for this task and perhaps very soon, through intoxication, people will be sent to orgasm on the moon and Mars and we hope  We do that very soon our human race will be able to make life possible and we will live there too and if anything catastrophic happens on our earth, then we will have no problem over Mars or Moon on it.  We can live without any problem and we will remain absolutely safe on that saying and our human race will never end.

And in the coming few years, all the people on the moon and Mars will be living easily because there are many things we get for sexual intercourse, more than we need water, but the moon and Mars  On both planets, we get a lot of water, on these planets we do not get any quantity of water, but the ice that is there can be very beneficial for our life, that ice water can be very useful for us.  It is a thing and it will be very important for us when we are ever making our life possible on Mars.

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Because if seen, the moon and Mars are exactly like our earth to make our life orgasm, their environment is very similar to our earth's atmosphere and many things related to our earth are found there, then it will give us  There will be no problem in staying there.

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