What is faster than the light

Faster than light
We all know that light is the fastest speed in the world The faster the light travels the distance, nothing else can even touch that speed.

But in September 2011, Swiss scientist Antonio Areditato shocked the world.  Antonio claimed that some particles called neutrin had traveled faster than light Antonio and 160 other scientists with him were working on the 'Opera Project' at the University of Bern, According to Einstein's theory of relativity or 'Theory of Relativity' it is not possible that anything else can travel faster than light If this happens, many laws of physics have to be changed However, Antony and his colleagues were quite confident of their claim But he had no idea that the results of his experiment were perfect.

He was seeking help from some other scientists to explain the results of his experiment and Finally it was found that the results of the 'Opera Project' were wrong The results of the experiment of Antonio and his colleagues came out wrong due to a wire fault.

That is why many scientists thought that neutrons had achieved more higher speed than the light This experiment took place after months.  However, many people said that such mistakes occur in such difficult experiments Nevertheless, Antonio was forced to resign when the results of its experiment were revealed to be incorrect,
The question is why is there such a big thing in the claim that something is faster than light? Is there really anything that can run faster than light? The speed of light in a vacuum or vacuum is 299,792.458 kilometers per second It is very fast.  About three hundred thousand kilometers per second. The sun is about 150 million kilometers away from the earth. But it takes only 8 minutes and twenty seconds for sunlight to reach the earth.

Is there anything made by a human being that can run at this speed? 'New Horizon Spacecraft' is the fastest man made machine.  It has recently passed through the planets Pluto and Sharon. Its speed is sixteen kilometers per second.  Where the speed of light is three million kilometers per second and where sixteen kilometers per second, There is no match, However, humans have made some particles that run very fast, Like in the sixties, William Bartoji, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, succeeded in accelerating some electrons.

By the way, some people may think that by putting more emphasis on something, it can be run at a faster speed. But this is not possible It was also found in the use of Bartoji that to increase the speed a little, electrons would have to spend a lot of energy or energy. Due to this, the speed of the electrons reached close to the light but was never equal to it. Light is made up of photons, which can move faster than electrons

Internet electron
Why can't electrons achieve such a speed? Melbourne University scientist Roger explains the reason for this, They say that as something speeds up, it gets heavier.  That is why it is not possible to achieve its speed of light. At the same time, Protons have no weight If there was any weight in it, then it would not be possible to run at the speed of three hundred thousand kilometers per second, Protons have another quality They do not have to create speed to walk. As soon as protons are made, they capture the top speed.

Well light is energy. But this is energy made from protons and Sometimes it also runs at less than the average speed. By the way, the engineers of the Internet claim that optical fiber carries data at the speed of light, But the truth is that the speed of light in these optical fibers is reduced to forty percent. Photons of light move at the same speed.  But photons coming out of the glass reduce the speed of light, Yet on average, the speed of light is three million kilometers per second We have not been able to make anything that can reach even close to this speed.

The question is, why is it important that the speed of light is so fast and it is the fastest thing?
The scientist behind this is Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, No matter where you live,  Move at any speed The speed of light will remain the same

Theory of relativity
By the way, the difference in light speed has been proved in some experiments, Yet it is better to rely on Einstein's theory The reason is that light has no weight of its own So it does not affect any external thing or reason There may be some exceptions to this rule However, our universe is based on this basic law which says that light is the fastest thing, Now let's talk about the exceptions that challenge this theory The first thing is that even though nothing has been able to catch faster speed than light  But it is wrong to believe that this is not possible This can also happen under certain circumstances. Take the galaxy itself.  There are many universes in it  Who are getting away from each other, Their speed is faster than light.

Similarly, if two scientists are measuring the speed of different protons, then the results of both will be more or less the same, They can match these results even faster than the speed of light If this happened it means that both of them sent messages faster than light so 'Theory of Relativity' proves wrong here There is another way in which faster speed can be achieved with light, This is by taking a short cut from one part of the universe to another in space, This can be done by specifying the rules of distance and time One such experience was done by Gerald Cleaver, a scientist at Belor University, Texas, USA, Cleaver claims that in the future we can build a spacecraft that can run faster than light,  But how could this be possible, even he could not tell.

Overall, the journey is much faster than light speed, Is a scientific fantasy, However, do not be disappointed by this, Light is not just light. Radio waves, ultraviolet rays, X rays and gamma rays are all forms of light, They are all made of protons, The difference is simply energy, Radio waves or the waves of the Internet is a technology created by humans, Through this, equal speed of light has been achieved Scientists say that light is the messenger in the universe, There is a postman, who delivers the message here.  For example, the protons emitted from the mobile are helpful in talking on the phone. This is a means of life on earth, a way for people to talk.  Wherever you are, the speed of light will remain the same. Anyway, this speed is so much that who would want to run faster than this!

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