What would be happen if we fall into Jupiter

Fall into Jupiter
n the year of 1616, A Italian Astronomer "Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaulti de Galilei" also known as "Galileo Galilei" He discovered a planet in space with the help of small telescope And today this planet known as Jupiter And it is the largest planet of our solar system, After 1616, many amazing searches were made about this planet, In the 1970s, Spacecraft Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 researched Jupiter's atmosphere Where Pioneer was the first spacecraft to study Jupiter, but still a spacecraft engaged in the researching of Jupiter The name of this spacecraft is Juno and it was sent on Jupiter in 2011 This spacecraft researching the Jupiter by staying in the orbit.

Many searches have been done about Jupiter and many more are yet to be done.
But today I will tell you what will happen if we fall in Jupiter. How our experience will be ?

Maybe a question was coming in your mind that why i told you to fall into Jupiter instead of land on Jupiter, This question is worth, actually the reason behind of it is very simple As we all know that Jupiter called as gas giant Because its atomosphere is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium gas Jupiter is covered with a thick layer of red brown yellow and white clouds Thickness of this layer is 50 kilometers If you have ever seen Jupiter's photo, you will see many stripes on this planet These clouds are seen on the planet in the form of strips, Beneath these clouds is a 2100 kilometers thick layer of hydrogen and helium that would change from gaseous form to liquid form as depth and pressure increased In such a situation there is a possibility that the jupiter does not have a solid surface.

Jupiter planet

However, it is believed that a core below thousands of mill of Jupiter is rocky. If we try to go in jovian atmosphere So due to its heavy atomosphere, we will be already destroyed And furthermore there is no oxygen to support human life in Jupiter In such a situation, we are imagining that we have a one spacesuit which is made in the same way as trieste submarine. This spacesuit will protect us from deadly radiation, oxygen depletion, freezing temperature and heavy atmospheric pressure Now that we are in a safe spacesuit so let's imagine what will be happen to us by falling inside the Jupiter.

As soon as we enter the top layer of the atmosphere of the Jupiter, we will start to fall rapidly from the upper layers of the atmosphere due to the strong gravity of the planet Our falling speed will be around 1,80000 kilometers per hour If we compare it to falling towards the earth, then this speed will be at least 2.25 times more We will feel as we are falling from the white clouds At this height, we will be able to see the light of the sun, but we will not even feel the heat of the sun, we will feel cold Because the temperature will be below 0 to 150 degrees Celsius and soon after that we will feel as if we have been caught in a huge Tornado This tornado made of Jupiter's cloud's speed will be about 482 kilometers per hour. Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet in our solar system due to which powerful winds are produced on this planet. We can understand the speed of the movement of Jupiter in such a way that one day on Jupiter is about 9.5 hours while the earth has 24 hour in day.

As soon as we reach the bottom layer of ammonia clouds, the pressure here will feel like an atmosphere But we still able to see the sun light Below 75 miles of clouds, we will reach the limit of human exploration of Jupiter In the year of 1995, the Galileo Probe of NASA was reached on this level, however, Galileo was able to survive only 58 minutes on the Planet's Atmosphere and Soon it was destroyed due to atomospheric pressure and Pressure at this level will be 100 times higher than the Earth's atomospheric pressure And as we move forward we will find that there is a dark darkness ahead of us.

However, due to the snow clouds, lightning will continue in that area so that it will light up in the middle However, due to the snow clouds, lightning will continue in that area, And from here the temperature will start to increase because the pressure will also start increasing Pressure will be equal to about 10 atmospheres which can kill any human being On reaching this point of Jupiter, we would have already traveled 12 hours However, even at this stage, we will not stop but will continue to fall down Because we still have to uncover many of Jupiter's secrets As we continue to move down, both temperature and pressure will increase In Jupiter, the temperature will reach about 3372 degrees Celsius after reaching a distance of about 2500 miles This temperature can also melt tungsten, which is such a metal whose melting point is considered to be the highest in the whole world.

Life on Jupiter

After traveling so much, now we have come down to 13000 miles in Jupiter And it will the inner most layer of Jupiter Here we will feel 20,00000 times more pressure than the Earth, if we talk about the temperature, it will reach 11000 Fahrenheit This temperature will be higher than the surface of the sun and at this stage we will be swimming in super critical fluids Supercritical fluid is a substance that is neither liquid nor gas This substance in Jupiter is metallic hydrogen and this is why this huge plan is very strong. We must be swimming freely in metallic hydrogen, that is, it will be very difficult to get out of here. If we are somehow successful in getting out from here, then we will again fall to thousands of kilometers until we touch a rock which will be in the core of the Jupiter.

This will be the last stop of our Jupiter's journey, that rock will probably be 10 times larger than our earth And this rock would be made of stones and ice And the pressure here will be around 25 million atmospheres However, whether it is a rock of solid or not, this still cannot be said with the claim maybe it's made of gas.

This was just a hypothetical situation, we can only hope that someday we will know through Scientists that what is under the clouds of Jupiter Because falling into a jupiter is just a possible in our dream.

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