What would happen if human tried to land on Sun

Astronauts on Sun
Toady you will know about the sun landing by human if a human tried to land on the sun then what would happen As you know that till today human has only landed on the moon but sooner human will reached to the Mars and human will start building the new world on Mars and all these going to happen after few years you would surprise to know that if you have decent money and good health then you will be able to live on the Mars If we talk about the our solar system so in our solar system Mars is the only planet where human could be land and can live there but if you want to live there so waring a spacesuit will be compulsory because without any spacesuit human can't survive there.

If we talk about the Venus planet so Venus is very hot and if we talk about the Mercury so it's not possible to reach there and pand on it and if we talk about Jupiter Saturn Neptune or the Uranus there is no land Because these planet are made of gas or ice, so that's why how can Human beings land there, well, it's too hard Just think if we human beings tried to land on the sun the  what would be happen so let's talk about this dangerous mission which is Land on the sun.

Human or sun
NASA has liked the sun so much that Nasa is constantly launching missions to the sun And in 2018 NASA launched a mission which is called "Parker Solar Probe" This spacecraft was run very closest to the sun When it was closest to sun so the distance between Parker Solar Probe and the sun was about 6.2 million kilometers, But what if we want to reach more close to the sun so to know about that you have to imagine something.

Just imagine we sat down in spaceship from earth and leave for the sun And our spaceship is made of metal that will not melt even in the temperature of the sun Although such a metal has not been found yet but to reach to the sun we're just imagine, so now we have came out from the earth and our spacecraft se flaying in the darkness of the space And now imagine as if we are 10 million kilometers from the sun and it is the outsider's atmosphere layer which called Corona and there's not high temperature temperature it's just 10,00000 15 degree Celsius, means 900 time hotter than Lava, But as i told you earlier that our spaceship is made of such metal that will not melt even in the temperature of the sun, And the temperature of inside the spaceship is 23 degrees Celsius Because of which we are not feel the temperature of sun.

Our spaceship is moving fast towards the sun and now imagine we are just 3000 kilometers away from the sun And this the second layer of sun which is called "Chromosphere" And here the Sun is leaving flames of gas which are spread in thousands of kilometers and the temperature of this layer is 20,000 degrees Celsius which  less then solar Corona's template And Scientists do not know that why solar corona is that much hot this This is one of the biggest mystery of the sun, you can understand it that when we light a fire the temperature is higher near the fire And when we move away from the fire, the temperature also decreases, But it's opposite with sun the closer we get to the sun, the lower temperature goes, and when we go away from it, so its becomes millions of degrees Celsius.

To solve this mystery NASA has sanded the Parker Solar Probe And along with this, Parker Solar Probe will send many information about the sun to the earth but don't forget that journey to the sun is still going on, And now we have reached to into the first layer of the sun Which is called "Photosphere" this is the layer which we see daily from the earth and also it is the surface of the sun, Our weight on the surface of the sun will increase too much because of the gravity of the sun If hour weight was 75 kilogrammes on earth so Our weight on the surface of sun will be around 2000 kilogrammes which is equal to a Rhino, And here our bones will be broke due to gravity and all the organs of our body will turn into sauce.

Even if we survived and tried to land on the surface of the sun, we would not be able to get off Because the surface of the sun is not solid like the surface of the earth the sun is a huge fireball made of helium and hydrogen But the surface of the earth is solid due to which the life on earth is present But we humans are very stubborn.  We will definitely try to get on the surface of the sun But as soon as we land on the surface of the sun, we will find that we are going inside the surface of the sun and we will see some black spots there which are called as "Sunspots" These Sunspots are approximately the size of the Earth
These Sunspots originate from the powerful magnetic field emanating from the sun Whenever sunspots are formed, it is understood that the solar flare is going to come out.

Human being in sun
Solar flare is so powerful that Solar flare can generate as much as 10000 billion hydrogen bombs in one time, We will be in the convention zone as soon as we get inside the surface of the sun And the temperature will be there around 20,00000 degrees Celsius This temperature is so high that if we had installed the heatshield in our spaceship then it would not work at all in such a temperature Also i would like to tell you that we use "Tantalum carbide" to make a heat shield, which can bear 4000 degrees Celsius temperature.

Our journey is still going on and we have reached 200,000 kilometers below the surface of Sun which is called radiative zone and the this thickest layer of the sun And the pressure on it is 100 million times higher than the Earth's atomospheric pressure it's so dark even the light cannot cross from it But we're alive because of a magical spaceship And now we are 5 kilometers inside the surface of the sun and the place is 196000 kilometres away from the Sun's center And here pressure is 200 billion times higher than the Earth's atomospheric pressure Here Atoms are so close to each other that their density is 10 times that of iron And the temperature is 1 decimal 5 cores Celsius degrees Celsius don't forget that we are sitting in a magical spaceship.

Our journey is still going on and now we have reached to the sun's center which is made of Plasma and the plasma is the fourth state of matter And now our sun's journey is end And we can't get stuck here because we are in the magical spaceship so let's go the our earth

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