What would happen if the moon exploded

Moon exploded

4.5 billions years ago from today a new planet was formed which is known as earth today But when Earth was newly formed so there was no moon of the earth, 4.5 billions years ago from today the Earth used to orbit the Sun alone But some day one of the planets in the middle of space's hit the Earth whose size was as much as that of Mars and after that some pieces of earth were made and those pieces were separated from the earth they went into space The earth's gravitational force was so much that the gravity of the Earth pulled all those pieces towards itself and after some time those pieces became like a ball this terrible incident rise something that was very beautiful And it was our Moon

After a few years the life started to begun on earth That is why some scientist's theory also said that the life exists on earth because of moon if moon was not formed so perhaps life were not exists on earth but a question rised in our mind that is why life exists on earth because of moon? So to know about that read the full article which is about what would happen if the moon exploded, after read it you will understand the importance of our moon

It is one of the most dangerous of all the hypotheosis of the end of the world actually Our moon controls all the sea of earth while revolving around the earth the moon attracts all the sea of the earth and this is why waves rise in the sea

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And due to this gravitational force tides rise in sea we people mostly watch it in Videos but we never think about that why these tides or waves rise in sea some people believe that its happens because of air which is totally wrong so today you can understand that it's not happen because of air but it's happen because of moon who is 3,84,400 kilometers away from earth Which attracts the sea water of the earth with the help of it's gravitational force, Actually sun also pulls water but because the sun is far away from the earth so that is why It did not affect on earth's sea water because the Moon is as far away from Earth as the Sun is four hundred times more distant from Earth Therefore even though the size of the sun is so large but still it has less effect on the sea water of the earth because distance meaning they both pulls earth's sea's water

Moon exploded

So let's imagine, if we disappear the moon from the solar system, meaning if the moon exploded then what will happen so if its happen then the sun will control to our earth's sea's water it will be like the day of Judgment the sun's gravity force is not able to affect the sea water of the earth too much but this was true only until the moon was not exploded But now we are imaging that the moon is exploded So now the high waves in the ocean's started to rise After 5 minutes of these Waves all the islands of the earth will be completely exhausted with water It will be as if people are seeing doom with their eyes And after an hour the space around the sea will come under the sea therefore after some time these waves will calm down and the water will balance itself So it's means that after the disappearance of the moon this outcry will be happen for a while But due to this one hour event the earth did not remain as it used to be

24 hours later, we will imagine that moon used to visible in the night of which humans did not even used to care but because now people cannot see moon in the sky so everyone will look for it and will miss it therefore one more thing will happen as earth used to orbit at 23.5 degree because moon used hold earth in this position but because the moon has disappears so earth will lose its control and it will start shaking so badly and because of this session will change in every another hour disappearance of the moon will not affect on any other planet of the solar system or the sun, The earth will be revolve around the sun normally but without the moon the earth will shake in its axis due to this shaking of the earth, earthquakes will continue to occur somewhere on the earth And due to this shaking or the earth all volcano will be activate 


Temperature will be around 40 degrees in the morning and it will reach 0 degrees in the evening water will be changed into ice and around 1 billion people out of 7 billion will die who used to live near the sea And it will be one of the biggest incident in the history of our earth after five days of disappearance of the moon people will be living in great difficulty because it would be so cold in every hour that water will be turn into ice and in next hour it would so hot that ice will be turns into water therefore these tsunamis will also have a great impact on the life under water and that is why the creatures of the sea such as fishes etc. will not be able to survive Hybrid type sighting fish will be born in the sea the fish that made it to stay in this condition, The farmer will not be able to get grain in the field because the weather will change in such a way that it will not allow the grain to grow and that is why within 5 days there will be a shortage of foods on the earth

But in such situations foods can only be grown in the science laboratory where scientists will create a artificial weather and agriculture it and because of this food price will be very expensive and people will build a underground basements to survive in this weather and after that one more dangerous thing will happen which will shocked the world on sixth day

A day will be happen of 3 hour and night will also happen of just 3 hour means a full day of 24 hour will be convert into 6 hour Because when moon used to exist so it used to control our earth's rotational speed with its gravitational force and used to hold it but because the moon has disappear from the solar system so the earth's rotational speed will be increased and because of this there will be no more than 365 days in a year but more than a thousand days the common people will not get it because the sun will rise 4 times in 24 hours All the watches of the earth will be useless Scientists will try to make a new time system

Moon exploded

After a month of disappearance of the moon People will be habituate all the human will not died because they will find some other way to survive but the world will be change and human beings will be miss those days when a day used to be happen of 24 hours and it will be print in school's books that earlier a day used to happen of 24 hours and 365 days in 1 years

Now stop imagine this story because now you can understand from this story that How important moon is for us, As we need sun in our life moon also does

A fact we would like to tell you that the story I have told you, This is the exact history of the Mars Scientists believe that Mars used to have a very big moon before and life also used to exists but in an incident the moon was exploded because of which the mars become a disbalance planet and few years it's a barren planet and that is why Scientists says that Mars shakes too much in it's axis This is very shocking theory  

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