Why Jerusalem is so holy | History of Jerusalem

Why Jerusalem is so holy
In this article you will know what is the importance of Jerusalem and why it is the holy city for Jews Muslim and the Christian Why its considered to be the holiest city for Christian why it's important for All thee Abrahamic religion which are Judaism Christianity and Islam

If we talk about Jerusalem so it's in Israel And also known as holy land But still Israel has not completely control on Jerusalem Israel always says that it's capital is Jerusalem But the international communities have not accept this thing of Israel So It has not any status because Jews and Muslims both lives in "West Bank" In the East side muslim lives and in the West side Jews lives and all the holy place are between them

There are basically three holy place
"Mosque Al Aqsa" also known as "Dome of the Rock" Where did prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to paradise, and near the Dome of the Rock there is one more holy place which is "Wastern wall" also known as "Wailing wall" and many time Jews try to occupied Dome of the rock but many time they fails, Jews always says that Jerusalem is their's Capital but as i told you that international communities have not accept this thing of Israel, A few months ago, the US created a huge controversy by saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel because they wanted to shift their embassy but now if see so All the embassy are in 'Tel Aviv' so practically Israel's capital is Tel Aviv but Israel says Jerusalem, Well, There are 158 churches and 71 mosque,

Actually jews were persecuted for a long time period But after the second world war jews people started to seek refuge in Palestine And after settling there, the Jews slowly started expelling the Palestinian people And till today Israel has Occupied a large area of Palestine Also Israel has Occupied Jordan's area West bank and Egyptian area Gaza, And near the Jerusalem in Palestine's Bethlehem Jesus of Nazareth was born So that's why this place is holy, Well Not only Israel, Palestine also claims Jerusalem as it's capital, So today Jerusalem is in Israel and it the holiest city for Abrahamic religion Which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam, The last prophet of God Muhammad Peace be upon him said that Islam is the third Abrahamic religion, Muhammad was the last messenger of God

Why Jerusalem is so holy
You will be surprised to know that there are many similarities between Judaism Christianity and Islam their's scriptures are same, their's customs are same their's clothing style is also same And the text of Hebrew Bible, New testament, and Quran is also similar For example they consider Abraham as their father and they believe Adam and Eve as fist man and woman And prophet like Abraham, Noah, Solomon, Moses, David are mentioned in all these three scriptures Mother Mary is more time mentioned in the Quran then the Bible and they believe in One God, But relation between them are not similar, people consider to Jews as responsible for Jesus's crucifixion so that's why jews we persecuted

There are many prophet in these three religion for example Adam, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron, Moses, David, Abraham but Abraham is very important
Why Abraham is very important?
So Abraham was about to crucified his own son for god Actually the history of Jerusalem is very old, it's about 5500 years old around 3000 years ago David had captured the Jerusalem and he made Jerusalem as the kingdom of Jews, in Arabic language Muslims people call him "Daawood" After 40 years of David, his son Solomon build the first template And in 586 BC this temple was destroyed by Babylonians but after 50 years a Persian king cyrus allowed jews to rebuild the temple, And then again in 332 BC Alexander the Great took control on Jerusalem and after him Jerusalem was ruled by Romans, Persians, Arabs, Fatimids, Seljuk, Crusaders, Egyptians, Mamelukes And Islamist, in that process Thousands of people lost their life

Why Jerusalem is so holy
And the most important event was there the  crucifixion of Jesus according to Christian and according to muslim god lifted him up alive, Whatever, after this event Christianity was born thousands of people converted to Christianity and the Roman empire made it as their official religion and then Christianity started to spread, First Judaism was came then Christianity and then Islam, In islam it said that Muhammad went to heaven from Jerusalem So that's why it's the third holiest place for Muslim Not only just because of Muhammad but also for jesus, Moses, Solomon and David because muslim also love them, Ottoman empire ruled Jerusalem from 1516 to 1917 and after the first world war Britain took over Jerusalem when it was the part of Palestine, After the second world war Israel become independent and then Israeli started to by land from Palestinian and Slowly they started to expelling Palestinian people and till the 1967 A large area of Palestine was occupied by Israel

What is the Importance of Jerusalem in Judaism?
First temple was built there by king Solomon and then it was destroyed by Babylonians then they built a wall which is known as Wailing wall when jews go there so they touch Wall and Cry they do prayer there so it's very important for jews people because Hebrew Bible talk about it 669 times

What is the Importance of Jerusalem in Christianity?
If we talk about Christianity so Jesus of Nazareth was crucified there and he spread his teaching there And also Jesus Christ spend is adult life there and he was resurrected there and also there is tomb where he was buried the church of holy sepulchre is located there

What is the Importance of Jerusalem in Islam?
Actually it is the third holiest place in Islam after the Mecca and Medina because first direction of prayers was given by Muhammad from there You will see there Mosque al Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock and from there Muhammad traveled to paradise and there prophet Muhammad declared himself as the last prophet from god for the mankind and the Islam started to spread

So that is the reason it is the holiest place in the world for muslim Christian and jews and it was the history of Jerusalem hope this article was helpful for you, If yes, so please share it and if you have any doubt then comment

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