How Islam came to India | History of Islam in India

How Islam came to India

Islam is such a huge religion which spread on the large number of scale in less time and it's the second largest religion on the entire planet after the Christianity with population of around 2 billions and too soon it will be the largest religion on earth, and as you know that we are talking about Islam in India so Islam is the second largest religion in India with population of 172 millions according to 2011's Survey, It's 14% of India's total population, India is secular country but still it's the second largest muslims populated country after the Indonesia, So let's find out how Islam came to india.

Generally it's said that Islam came to india in 12th century but if we research deeply on it in histories books so you will find that Islam had stepped up in india in 6th century,  Islam's begging in india was happened from Kerala's MALABAR city, at that place Arabian merchant used to came for business, It's mentioned in the book of 'History of India' which is Written by Henry Miers Elliot, that in 630 some Arabian merchants were seen in a ship, and the first mosque was built in indian in 629 AD in Kerala's town Kodungallur and this mosque name was Cheraman Juma Masjid which was built by an Persian merchant Malik Deenar and this mosque is one of the most oldest mosque, It is believed that Mappilas community of Kerala, India, was the first community who converted to Islam.

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If we talk about direct impact of islam on indian so 8th century is very important because in 8th century thousands of muslim started to come in indian and one of the most famous name is Muhammad bin Qasim he was an Arabian commander of the Umayyad Empire in Iran, Qasim has attacked on Sindh, Karachi Which is now the part of Pakistan and at that time this Pakistani part was ruling by a hindu king named Dahir Sen, Dahir's army was very weak so Qasim had easily conquered this place, After this victory Qasim was very confident with his army so that he started to make strategies to conquer the Indian another subcontinent, It's said the Bin Qasim had wrote some latter to hindu kings to accept Islam or ready to die, On not accepting these letters Qasim prepared for the attack But due to the sudden death of 'Al Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf' in Iraq, Qasim had to stop in between and go to Iraq. Al Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf was the Governor of Iraq on behalf of the Umayyad Empire.

How Islam came to India
Mahmud of Ghazni

After that 'Mahmud of Ghazni' attacked on india many times and one of the most knowing attacked he did on Somnath Template, later on he Conquered the Punjab and started to spread his empire from there now some of Punjab is in Pakistan and some in India.

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Islam had a deep impact on India in the 12th century, when 'Mu'izz Ad-Din Muhammad Ghori' known as 'Muhammad Ghori' attacked on MULTAN which is now the part of Pakistan, at that time Muhammad Ghori soon spread his empire in western India, after winning the Western part of india he wanted to Conquered the part of Eastern India, which was ruling by a hindu king named 'Prithviraj chauhan', Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj chauhan fought two battles in tarain, The first battle of tarain was won by Prithviraj chauhan in 1191 and the second battle was won by Muhammad Ghori in 1192, and in 1194 Muhammad Ghori defeated Jayachandra in the battle of Chandwar, However, Later, Gauri left her conquered emperor and went back to Afghanistan and he gave his kingdom to his slave 'Qutubuddin aibak' and he become the first Sultan of Delhi, and then won many parts of Indian such as Bihar, Bangal.

Islamic scholar have played a major role in spreading Islam in India. Islam attracted to many lower cast people, So then Many Small workers and people who were considered untouchables in India, the started to converting into Islam because there is no cast and no racism in Islam, Islamic Scholars were against to force someone to made him a muslim.

How Islam came to India

If we are taking about Islam in indian and not talking Aurangzeb then this article will not be complete Because Aurangzeb had applied the Sharia law in the whole india mostly conversion to Islam happened at the time of Aurangzeb and he was the first king in the history of India who applied the Sharia Law in India it's said about him then he wanted to make india as Islamic country and at the time of Aurangzeb many Kashmiri people had converted to Islam some of them were accepted forcefully and some of them accepted peacefully, and because of this thinking of Aurangzeb Hate started to spread in India between different religious person and because of this he lost the strength of his kingdom and on the 3rd march in 1707 Aurangzeb was died at the age of 88.

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After the death of Aurangzeb A deep wall of hatred erupted between Hindus and Muslims which is still not being filled. That's why still thousands of Hindu and Muslim are fighting today and the politics of now days are using it for their throne Because if this thinking of Aurangzeb thousands of muslim are facing problem in indian but still India's constitution gives equal rights to everyone, Most of the Muslim and Hindus are close to eachother and they like eachother but some are against of eachother from the both side.

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