Google removes palestine mape from google maps

Israel map

The people of Palestine and Israel are fighting every day for almost last 70 years with the help of their governments.  According to foreign media, Israel has once again acted in such a way that not only Palestine but the millions of Muslim are also upset for that Google has removed the Palestinian map from the Google during this corona Pandemic and In response to this move, many Muslims are protesting on social media.

After this, some people have also claimed that not only Google but Apple also has removed it from their maps.  Let me tell you that the major reason for face to face of Israel and Palestine is the mosque Al Aqsa also known as Dome of the rock which is situated in Jerusalem, Where jews is constantly harassing Muslims so the same Palestinian citizens and their groups keep answering time to time to those jews ho harass them

Let me Tell you that the people of Israel and Jerusalem can see them through Google Map as it was claimed by Israel also israel claimed that the part of Mosque Al Aqsa (Dome of the rock) comes in Israel, still people do not know why Google removed Palestine from Google maps, It was not the first time when Google did that before today Google removed it in the year of 2016 and 2016


Google has removed Palestine before too but after the protest of 2016 and 2018 Google put it back on Google maps, The move is being told in a strict way in 2020 as Google has come up with a new update of maps where there is no sign of Palestine show on the map. The fight between Israel and Palestine has been going on for last many years

Israel Palestine old map

Mosque al Aqsa also known as Dome of the rock and Baitul Muqaddas It is the third holiest place for muslim after the Holy city Mecca and Holy city madina but there in Jerusalem mostly jews lives there, who many times stopped muslim to visit mosque al Aqsa and harass them The Jerusalem was the part of Palestine but after many fights Israel occupied half part of Jerusalem

A very large area of Palestine occupied by Israel and the Palestine finds place in West Bank and Gaza

Mosque Al Aqsa is very important for all the Muslim because the mosque al Aqsa was also the Direction of Prayers for 1 year and five months but the revolution it moves to mecca

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