22 Interesting facts about PUBG

Today you will know about the most loveable and famous video game in the world (PUBG) also known as PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND and you will surprised to know that PUBG developed by a photographer not professional game developer and also it's inspired by a Japanese movie

1. PUBG game was developed by an Irishman 'Brendan Greene' who is not professional game designer but he was a photographer and a web designer who used to love play video games

2. It is said that Brendan was in love with a girl so then they got married and settled in Brazil but unfortunately later on they divorced eachother so because of this brendan was so depressed so then he started to play Video games like ARMA which is a military base game And he was so inspired by this game so then he launched his own game BATTLE ROYAL

3. By seeing success of Battle royal game A company named Sony online entertainment which is known as Daybreak Offered a job to brendan because they also wanted to develop a game like battle royal So Brendan built a game with this company Game name is H1ZI KING OF THE KILL

4. There's was game designer from south Korea named CHANG HAN KIM who's company is BLUEHOLE he was also very impressed from battle royal game he wanted to develop a game like that so after research Chang han called brendan to South Korea and started working with him and later on they launched a beta version of PUBG on 1 March 2017 by seeing the popularity of this game between gamers they launched the full version of pubg on 20 December 2017

5. Full form of PUBG is players unknown's battleground The word Unknown is stand for unknown people because in that game you play with unknown people also you can play it with your friends, Brendan also known as player unknown

6. Brendan got the idea to build PUBG from a Japanese movie 'Battle royal' In this movie, students are left on an island with fods and weapons, and in the end of this movie only one student comes out, some PUBG weapons are similar to this movie for example Crossbow, pistol, and also PUBG's Map size is also similar to island

7. Blue zone was first to be built in square shape but due to the problem in its coding, it was made in circle shape The idea of ​​the Blue Zone was taken from the Soviet Union Army A blue zone is a type of electric field that gradually brings the player closer to each other in the game.

8. You will know that when you win the game so there is a phrase winner winner chicken dinner so It's not only use in PUBG game but this phrase was using for a long times in movies too

9. Two million copies were sold within 2 months of the launch of PUBG which is a world record

10. Branden is always fan of shooting games Brandon himself has designed the erengle map of PUBG Which is derived from the Irish word EIRIN which means is Irish or Ireland and his daughter name is also Eirin 
11. Did you know that initially the player was released from a warehouse in the Classic Game, but according to the suggestion of the pubic player, the players are taken off by Airplane

12. Pubg Lite released for them on August 19 for the small Smartphone.

13. Pubg users have created Pubg Light for Level Entry Smartphone.It works in smartphones with 2Gb or less memory and it has to take up to 600 Mb of space at the time of game installation, but there is a lot of difference between this game and the original game.

14. The second map of PUBG is named Miramar, it is shown for the city of Central America and Mexico.

15. Pubg Game you can download Android, iOS, X-Box and Windows.  Can play in devices.

16. Pubg game is Currency BP is Battle Points, UC You can shop in Pubg Game from these.

17. Do you know Brendan Greene's favorite Weapon Pen is this Weapon Killing Damage is very special.

18. Do you know that Pubg has become so popular without any advertisement and never publled your advertisement by profession, yet Pubg is the most popular game.

19. Do you know that more than 24 million copies of PUBG game have been sold so far.

20. In PUBG, they wanted to first give a blue color to the blue game map of the classic game but they were having a lot of trouble in its coding and then gave Blue John the shape of a circle.

21. In PUBG game, headshot means that the bullet on the head gets the most damage.

22. Do you know that for Pubg Mobile it is absolutely free, but for pubg PC and pubg XBOX we have to pay money because Pubg pc has great graphics compared to mobile.

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