Jodha Akber Love story

Jodha Akber Love story
It is an interesting story about Jodha and Akbar which it has not been possible to get certified information yet, but still everyone wants to know the love story of Jodha Akbar If it's the imagination of a writer, then it's also very unique, the creation which has bridged the gap between imagination and reality, actually it is the greatness of the author Jodha Akbar Prem Katha has laid the inspiration for the reconciliation of Hindu Muslim culture.


This was the Mughal ruler who gained fame by the name of Jalalluddin Mohammad Akbar He is known as the most successful Mughal ruler in history He became a king whom both the communities Hindu and Muslim accepted with love, so he was named as Jill-e-Lahi. It was only during the rule of Akbar that there was a confluence in Hindu Muslim culture, which is evident from the carvings of that time There was an amalgamation of the temples and the mosque, both were given equal respect status Whenever we see this form of history, then the same question arises that why? Why a powerful ruler like Akbar also loved Hindu culture Then from the pages of history, the voice of that love story which we call Jodha Akbar.

Full name: Jalalluddin Mohammad Akbar
Birth Death:  1542- 1605
Parents:  Nawab Hamida Banu Begum Sa
Wife:  Rukaiya Begum, Salima Sultan Begum and Mariam Uz-Zamani Begum (Jodha)
Child:  Jahangir.


This was a Rajputani girl who is known by many names Harka Bai, Heer Kunwar, She was the daughter of King Bharmal and the Begum of the Mughal Emperor Jodha was a Rajput and Akbar's Mughal ruler, their marriage was not a love affair but a political settlement. But still this relationship is known as a love story.

Full Name Heer Kunwar / Jodha Bai / Harka Bai
Birth death conflict
Religion Hindu Rajput
Parents King Bharmal - Manavati Sahiba
Husband Akbar
Child Jahangir

Jodhaa Akbar is a historical story called the most memorable love story of history Many films and TV serials have also been made on Jodha Akbar, due to which the trend of today's people towards Jodha Akbar has increased considerably Many historians and original Rajasthani people opposed the films and serials on these stories of Jodha Akbar Because of which people got excited to know what was the truth of Jodha-Akbar?

Jodha Akbar is a love story. In fact, there is no specific evidence of its existence. Akbar was the emperor of the Mughals who, with his strength, subjugated India to the Mughals At that time Akbar's enemies were Rajputana, which we know as the war of Akbar and Pratap.

Akbar devised some strategy to subdue India including war and settlement. Akbar had a huge military force so that he could easily carry his legacy on the inheritance but in all this a lot of blood flow which in many ways was not liked by Akbar, so he also adopted the policy of compromise under which he adopted the daughters of other king By marrying with respect and forming a relationship with them, he used to take those princely states under his control. In those days, Akbar's biggest enemies were the Rajputs whom he held in either of these two policies. When Akbar fought the war with King Bharmal, he took his three sons captive, She extended her hand for this and thus married the princess of Jodha of King Bharmal to Jodha Akbar According to tradition, Jodha was supposed to adopt Mughal religion but Akbar did not insist on this, This was the basis of Jodha Akbar's love story because Akbar did not forcefully want the Mughal Empire over the country, hence history calls Akbar a good ruler. Due to this behavior of Akbar, Princess Jodha awakened the feeling of love for Akbar and he introduced Akbar to Hindu culture. Perhaps this is why Akbar became the beloved ruler of both religions. Apart from this, Akbar spent his childhood with a Hindu family In the days of war, his father Humayu had to spend many days in unknown place, due to which he had to live with the Hindu family, due to which Akbar also had respect for Hindu culture. Akbar had many Begum but still his mind was more connected to Jodha, due to which the fearless behavior of Jodha was what Akbar loved so much Jodha always showed Akbar the path of right and wrong which proved Akbar to be a beloved king.

Jodha became Maryam Uz-Zamani (whose child becomes king) of the Mughal Empire Jodha had the first two children (Hassan Hussain), who died a few months Later, Jahangir, the child of Jodha, ruled the Mughal Empire.

Similarly, due to the relationship between Mughal and Rajputana, we are able to see the incorporation of Hindu and Mughal carvings Akbar had given permission to Jodha to build a temple in the fort, due to which the integration of these two cultures was seen at that time which is a very unique confluence.

But many historians called Jodha Akbar's story wrong, according to him, there is no strong evidence of Jodha's existence in any historical book According to some historians Jodha was the Rajputana bagam of Jahangir, Akbar's son According to many historians, Jodha is a fictional character in the pen of an author The Rajasthani people say that no Rajput woman was married to Akbar and some say that Rajputana Bagam was known by some other name not by Jodha Many similar stories are told in the context of Jodha Akbar's love.

The film on Jodha Akbar, which was produced by Ashutosh Gowarekar, also faced many difficulties and was also severely opposed, to which he said that he made his film after historical books, research and interaction with many good historians According to him Akbar's Rajputana was bagam but his names were different, one of which was Jodha.

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