Why first world war was happened | Complete details about first word war

Why first world war was happened
World War I is also called Great War or Global War At that time it was believed that after this war all wars would end, hence it was also called 'War to and All Wars' But nothing like this happened and a few years after this war 'World War II' also happened It has been called the Great War because till this time there was no major war This battle lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918, in which the number of deaths was one crore seventy lakhs In this figure, one crore ten lakh soldiers and about 60 lakh civilians were killed The number of people injured in this war was 2 crore.

• First world war two power
   In this war, there was Allied power on one side and Central power on the other side  Allied powers were Russia, France, Britain, United States of America and Japan The United States was involved in this war during the years 1917–18, Only 3 countries were present in the central power, These three countries were Austro-Hungarian, Germany and Ottoman Empire At this time a dynasty called Habsburg was ruled in Austro-Hungary Ottoman In today's time Ottoman is the territory of Turkey

First World War Reason
There are four main reasons for the First World War These reasons are remembered as MAIN.  In this term M has come for Militarism, A Alliance System, I Imperialism and N Nationalism.

   In Militarism, every country tried to equip itself with all kinds of modern weapons  Under this effort, all the countries in their own country invented machine guns, tanks, guns, 3 big ships, concept of big army etc.  Many countries prepared large armies in preparation for future wars, Britain and Germany were far ahead in all these things The reason for their being ahead was the rise of industrial revolution in these countries, Due to the Industrial Revolution, these countries developed very much and increased their military capability These two countries used their industrial complexes to increase their military capability, such as machine guns, tanks, etc. started operations in many different companies  At this time, other countries of the world wanted them to match Britain and Germany but this was very difficult to happen Due to militarism, in some countries the concept has become that their military capability is very excellent and no one can defeat them in any way This was a wrong concept and behind this concept many people increased the size of their military Therefore, the concept of the modern army started from there

• Various treaties, ie coalition system
    During the 19th century in Europe, various countries started making alliances or treaties to balance the power Many treaties were happening in secret at this time Just like a third country did not know what the treaty has been between two countries before them There were mainly two treaties during this time which had far-reaching consequences The topic of these two treaties is being given.

1. Triple Alliance of the year 1882
     In the year 1882, Germany Austria-Hungary and Italy signed a treaty.

2. Triple Intent of the year 1907
     In the year 1907, there was a Triple Intent between France, Britain and Russia In the year 1904 there was a treaty called the Cordial Intent between Britain and Russia After joining Russia it was known as Triple Intent

   At this time all the countries of Western Europe wanted that their colonies or expansion spread in Africa and Asia as well  This event was also called the 'Scramble of Africa', that is, the African race, it meant that Africa could save as much of its territory as it was at the time when the area of ​​Africa was very large This time was after 1880 when all the big countries were occupying Africa These countries were France, Germany, Holland, Belgium etc  Britain was leading all these countries The reason for this leadership was that Britain was quite successful at this time and other countries wanted to copy its development model.  British rule was at one time 25% of the entire world revenue Due to this 25% area they had a lot of resources Due to this, their military capability also increased a lot This can be gauged from the fact that 13 lakh soldiers were sent from India to fight in the First World War, The British Army did not have as much Indian Army as there was in the British Army.

   In the nineteenth century, the spirit of patriotism took over the whole of Europe  Nationalism had completely failed in Germany, Italy, other boltic countries etc  Because of this, this battle also came out as a glorious battle and this battle was called 'Glory of War' These countries started to think that any country can become great only by fighting and winning the war, In this way, the greatness of the country was seen to be linked to its area.

World war I
Before the First World War, a poster was made, in which many countries were seen striking from behind each other In this, Siberia was shown as the most abandoned child, In this poster, Siberia was telling Austria standing behind you if you kill me, Russia will kill you. Similarly, if Russia dies Austria then Germany will kill Russia In this way, all became enemies of each other, whereas the fight was only between Siberia and Austria.

• First world war immediate cause
   At this time war-related beliefs were formed in Europe that due to technological development, the way weapons have been prepared, because of them, if there is a war, then war will end in a very short time, but it did not happen.  At this time, different newspapers, writers started associating war with proud, According to him, war is very important for the creation of any country neither a country can become a nation without war, nor can it be great nor progress in any way Hence war is inevitable.

• First World War Europe Balkans
   The Balkans are called the Powder Keg of Europe Powder keg means a container full of gunpowder, in which a fire can happen at any time  Between 1890 and 1912, battles of domination took place between the Balkan countries, Siberia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria were seen in these wars All these countries were previously under the Ottoman Empire, but during the nineteenth century, the sense of 'independence' arose within these countries and they liberated themselves from Bulgaria Because of this, battles always continued in the Balkans In this 22 years, three different battles were fought.

• First World War Austrian Prince Death
  Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the prince of Austria and would become the next king of this kingdom, At this time, Sarajevo, who is in Bosnia, came to visit his wife there This time was in June 1914, They were attacked and killed by a man named Gervilo Prinsep here An institution called 'Black Hand' was also involved in his murder After this murder, Siberia started receiving threats Austria seemed to believe that Siberia, which was helping to liberate Bosnia, was involved in this assassination.

• First World War July Crisis
  After this assassination, Austria gave Siberia an ultimatum that they surrender soon and Siberia would fall under Austria   Siberia sought help from Russia on this issue and Russia got another chance to intervene in the Baltics One reason for Russia to help Siberia was also to support Slavic Siberia People living in both Russia and Siberia are called Slavonic, At the same time Austria-Hungary started seeking help from Germany, On this Germany asked Austria to give a 'blank check' to Hungary and said that Germany will give you full support whatever you want to do, Austria Hungary, with Germany's support, began attacking Siberia, After this, Russia declared a fight with Germany, Then a few days later France also declared a fight with Germany  The reason for France's fight was the Triple Intent Treaty By this time Britain had not joined this war, when Italy also refused to go to war Italy said that if anyone else attacks any of the three of us under triple intent, then we will gather and not for any other country.

• First World War Time
  After the July Crisis, the war started in August, At this time Germany made a plan, under which it first thought of defeating France For this, they chose the path of Belgium, As soon as the German military entered Belgium, the British attacked Germany, The reason for this was that an agreement was reached between Belgium and Britain in 1839 Germany were successful in entering France at this time, although they could not reach Paris, After this, the German forces defeated Russia on the East Front,  Nearly 3 lakh Russian soldiers were martyred here During this time the Ottoman Empire also attacked Russia One reason for this was also that both Ottoman and Russia had been enemies of each other for a long time, With this, the Ottomans also attacked Suez Canal The reason for this was that Britain was a great link to connect the island with India.  If the Ottoman dominance over this tunnel, Britain could have lost the First World War.  However, Suez Canal was saved.

• First World War Trenches
   In trench warfare, it is the place where soldiers live, from where they fight, drinking and sleeping are also at this place.  For the first time in World War I such long trenches were made France and Germany Front remained face to face for 3 years, Neither France nor Germany got a chance to move forward, The main reason for making the trench was to avoid artillery shelving, With its help, it helped to avoid artillery bullets, but due to rain and other seasonal shoots, many soldiers were killed only by disease.  Whenever a soldier came out of the trench, at the same time machine gun would start firing from the other side and soldiers would be killed In 1916, there was a battle of Mon in which 80,000 soldiers were killed in one day Most of the soldiers of Britain and Canada were present in it, In all, 3 lakh soldiers were killed in this war.

• Why first World War was the First Global War
 At this time, there was a fight in almost the whole world. With this interest, it is called Global groom, France attacked colonies in Germany like Togo, Tanzania and Cameroon in Africa, In addition, Japan attacked Micronesia and Chinese German colonies.  The reason for Japan's involvement in this war was the agreement between Britain and Japan, Simultaneously, Ottoman ships began to attack the Russian ports of the Black Sea, Sevastapol located in the Black Sea is Russia's most important naval base, Gallipoli is a state located in Turkey, where Allied forces started attacks, Here the forces of Australia and New Zealand were fighting, This army was called Anzak Army  However, this army did not get any success here, Today, Anzac Day is celebrated between Australia and New Zealand in memory of this war.

Along with this, Navy wars also started in many big oceans, After this, Germany designed a submarine named U Boat, This U boat started attacking all Allied ships.  Initially, this German U boat only attacked Navy ships but later this ship also started attacking ordinary civilian ships One such attack, a vessel called Lucitania, which was carrying the common people from America to Europe, was attacked and about 1200 people were killed. This incident took place in the Atlantic Ocean, Only after this attack America joined World War I in 1917 and started supporting Allied powers At this time the President of America was Woodrow Wilson Although initially America did not want to participate in this battle of Europe in any way, it eventually had to join this war.

• First World War Indian Army
  In the First World War, about 1.3 million Indians were fighting on behalf of the British Army.  These Indian soldiers fought in places like France, Iraq, Egypt etc., in which about 50,000 soldiers got martyrdom.  India Gate was built in memory of the soldiers who died in the Third Anglo Afghan War and the First World War.

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