34 benefits of eating Coriander

Coriander Benefits 

All of you must have been eating coriander because coriander sauce is very tasty and everyone likes it usually people use coriander leaf for sauce or its seeds as a spice because most people are not aware that there are benefits of using coriander in addition to diet maybe you do not know that coriander is also used as a medicine and many diseases are prevented or treated by it so let us know the benefits of coriander

You might not know these things but according to Patanjali many diseases can also be treated using coriander coriander is found very easily everywhere so you must know about the benefits of coriander so that you can take full advantage of it let's know its benefits

What is Coriander?

Coriander is a spice as well as a medicine Coriander dried fruits are used as a spice in every household throughout India eating coriander can be taken from food as well as anorexia, digestive system disease, urinary disorder, and also in gout-bile-phlegm disorder wet coriander is especially gall bladder

Coriander Benefits in excessive thirsty problem 

It is good to drinking enough water but if you feel more thirsty and drink water again and again then take a glass of water and drop some honey and candy sugar into it and drinking it by doing that your thrust could be calm

Similarly mix 175 grams of coriander paste in 1 liter of water and then leave it for overnight and filter it in the morning then add 100 grams of sugar candy and 100 grams of honey, drinking this regularly 10-15 ml is beneficial for you

In addition drinking sugar mixed with 10-20 ml coriander decoction calms thirst and burning sensation

Take equal quantity of coriander Phyllanthus emblica, dry grapes and curry leaves the make powder from them then soak 25 grams of powder in 200 ml of water overnight then drain it and mix it with sugar candy drinking this helps to eliminate thirst and it is beneficial in the problem of dry mouth

Benefits of coriander Seeds in fighting with cough in children

If your children is coughing then soak 10-20 grams coriander in the water of rice, Mix sugar in it and feed it in the morning, afternoon and in evening It provides relief in children's cough and asthma but if the children is coughing so much then do not waste your time in making this remedy just visit a doctor

Coriander seeds benefits in fighting with Cough

Take 10 ml ginger juice 10 grams of jaggery, 5 grams of coriander and 5 grams of parsley along with this take black cumin 5 grams, cinnamon 5 grams, cardamom, and motha 5-5 grams then Prepare their thick decoction and drink 2-4 grams of decoction because It provides relief in cough, fever, piles, TB etc.

Coriander benefits for Increasing Appetite

Wash the coriander seeds and let them soaked with water overnight then wash them in the morning thoroughly until they are peeled after drying these seeds fry them add chilly, turmeric, rock salt, and lemon juice into it and Chew it in small amounts to increases your appetite.

Taking decoction made from coriander is beneficial in intestinal diseases taking decoction made from dried fruits of coriander provides relief in biliary disorders, throat irritation and vomiting

Coriander powder benefits for Digestive System

Add milk and sugar to the decoction made from coriander by drinking decoction we be prove beneficial in digestive system disorders

How to make Powder

Make the powder by taking equal quantity of coriander, cloves, dry ginger, and operculum turpethum Take 2-2 grams of this with lukewarm water in the morning and evening because it keeps digestion power fine

Mix the 1 gram of castor root in 20 ml decoction made from coriander and dry ginger and take because it will help in digestion by giving it twice a day

Prepare an equal quantity of coriander and dry ginger drinking 20-30 ml of it in the morning and evening increases digestive power.

Benefits of coriander seeds for acidity

Taking 10-15 milliliters of coriander oil in the stomach provides relief

Drinking a decoction of coriander and dry ginger cures stomach pain, and indigestion

Coriander powder benefits in treating Abdominal Pain

There are three remedies for your abdominal pain which one you found easy just go for it but remember if there is so much pain in your stomach then visit a doctor

For stomach pain mix 2 grams of coriander powder with 5 grams of sugar candy by giving it two or three times a day to a patient will provides relief in stomach pain caused by heat

Soak 5 grams of coriander in 100 ml water for overnight them mash it in the morning and filter it drinking this water to children provides relief in stomach pain

Mixing 10-20 ml coriander juice with 10 ml vinegar and applying it relieves stomach pain

Coriander benefits in fighting with Constipation

For the benefit of constipation take 20 grams of coriander and 120 ml of water in an earthen pot and leave it overnight then Sieve it in the morning and add 13 grams of Muscovado by drinking it a little helps in constipation

Benefits of Coriander seeds for Eye Disease

Grind 20 grams of coriander and boil it in a glass of water Sieve this water with a cloth by Putting one drop of it in the eyes provides relief in eye diseases such as pain caused by the eyes problems of water flow from the eyes.


Conjunctivitis means red or pink of the eyes Inflammation occurs in the outer layer of the eye and inside the eyelid due to which swelling, itching, burning, and redness of the eyes begin It is caused by bacterial and viral infections, allergies In this case coriander seeds can help you it has anti-bacterial properties therefore it can be said that it also helps in fighting conjunctivitis according to a research coriander seeds can help relieve itching in the eyes by fighting infection 

Coriander seeds benefits in eye pain 

Add coriander juice in goat milk by putting one drop of it in the eye, the eye pain is cured

Grind equal quantity of coriander seeds and barley make a thick paste of it tying it on the eyes cures eye pain.

Grind 20 to 25 grams fresh leaves of coriander by mixing gram flour in it and applying it cures eye pain

Eating coriander leaves sauce on burning eyes provides relief

Coriander benefits for eye inflammation

Boil 20 grams of coriander in 400 ml of water and when it remains a quarter wash the eyes with it because It provides relief in inflammation of the eye and pain

Grind 10 to 20 grams of coriander or 20 to 30 of its green leaves by applying it on the face provides relief in eye disease


Anemia is a blood disorder which is mainly occurs due to iron deficiency in the body because the body needs a lot of iron to make blood In this case you can use coriander seeds rich in iron along with iron, vitamin-C is also present in it which promotes the absorption of iron in the body 

Benefits of coriander in nasal problem (Blooding from nose) 

Grind 20 grams of coriander leaves add a little camphor into it by putting 1or 2 drops in the nose, and rubbing it on the head, bleeding from the nose could be easily stops 

Keep remember if you have serious problem in your nose so visit a doctor don't wait for benefits of home remedies We share this knowledge for your survival in your bad time

Coriander benefits for halitosis

Chew 5 to 10 grams of coriander regularly for the trouble of bad breath It removes the smell coming from the breath.

Coriander seeds benefits in headache 

Soak equal amount of coriander and Indian gooseberry in water for overnight and grind in the morning and sieve by mixing sugar candy in it and drinking it relieves headaches caused by heat.

Make a thick coriander paste and consume 6 grams of it daily so It will provides relief in headache

Grind coriander seeds and apply it on the head so they could be prove beneficial for you

Relieve fatigue

If you feel fatigued or have weakness in your body or feel dizzy then taking two spoons of coriander juice mixed with ten grams of sugar and half a bowl of water is beneficial

Coriander seeds benefits for throat disorder

Grind 10 to 20 grams coriander and mix it with barley sattu and apply it on the throat because diseases of the throat are cured by this

Chewing 5 to 10 grams of coriander seeds two or three times a day is helpful in throat pain

Coriander powder benefits in baldness

For the treatment of baldness just grind 100 grams of coriander powder with 100 ml vinegar and apply it on the head It provides benefit in baldness 

Coriander benefits for skin disease

Skin diseases such as when the urticaria erupts in the body then coriander juice should be mixed with honey and consumed 

Uses of coriander in vomiting

Grind coriander with pomegranate acid and salt vomiting stop taking it for a while

Coriander benefits for vomiting in pregnancy

Mix 10 grams of sugar candy and water of rice in 30-40 ml decoction of coriander and give it a little to stop vomiting in pregnant women

Make a decoction with equal quantity of coriander, dry ginger, and Nut grass and mix sugar candy in 10 to 30 ml decoction and give it to pregnant woman to cure vomiting. It also benefits other people.

Remove wart

The wart is a small grain of black embossed flesh somewhere on the body which according to medical science is considered a type of dermatitis If there is a wart somewhere on your body and you want to remove it naturally then green coriander will prove to be very effective in it

Remedy- Grind green coriander leaves and make a thick paste and then apply it on moles daily you will see the effect in 1 month

Coriander seeds benefits for vomiting and diarrhea 

Eat 10 grams of roasted coriander for the benefit of diarrhea It is beneficial in diarrhea.

In the same way make an equal quantity of powder with coriander, atavisha, karkatrungi, and gazpippali and take 1 / 2-1 gram quantity of this powder and mix it with honey this prevents children's vomiting and diarrhea

Taking decoction made from cereals (coriander, dry gourd, narmotha, aromatic, vine anus) is beneficial in diarrhea.

Make a decoction of coriander and aromatica in case of burning sensation in diarrhea and thirst 20 to 40 ml decoction should be drunk with cold water If there is more pain along with thirst so drinking coriander and dry ginger decoction is beneficial.

Benefits of coriander in dysentery 

In dysentery disease soak 20 grams coriander in a glass of water and sieve it and drink it in the morning

Eat a granular quadrant decoction made from cereals and liquids (15-20 ml) It is beneficial in diarrhea due to bile disorder

Uses of coriander in menorrhagia

If there is abnormal vaginal bleeding drinking 10-20 ml coriander decoction twice or thrice a day is beneficial in menorrhagia but of it is serious then visit a doctor

Coriander seeds benefits for urinary disease 

In urinary disease, cook 10 grams coriander and 10 grams fruits of gokshur in 400 ml of water and when remaining one fourth just mix clarified butter made from the milk  in 20-30 ml decoction and drink it in the morning and in the evening It helps in urinary disease

Coriander benefits for piles 

Boil 10 to 20 grams of coriander seeds, one glass of water, and 10 grams of sugar candy for the benefit in piles disease It stops bleeding from piles

Similarly boil myrabalan chebulie, giloy and coriander in equal quantity and boil it in four times water. When a quarter of this is left, taking jaggery and taking it provides relief in piles.

Similarly, boil myrabalan chebulie, giloy and coriander in equal quantity and boil it in four times water and when a quarter of this is left take jaggery and consume it because it provides relief in piles

Coriander powder benefits for arthritis

If you are suffering from joint pain then mix 6 grams coriander powder 10 grams of sugar and eat it twice a day It provides relief in joint pain.

Coriander benefits in fever

Soak 10 grams of coriander and 10 grams of rice for overnight in fever caused by bile disorder by drinking 30 milliliters of this decoction twice a day provides relief in fever

Useful Parts of Coriander

• The fruit

• Coriander leaves

• seed

• oil

Beneficial in thyroid

Hypothyroidism or thyroid is a problem that affects many people all over the world this disease is seen in women more than men to control this use coriander leaves daily in your food It balances those hormones who are unbalanced that is why eat green coriander leaves daily

Coriander leaves in diabetes

Green coriander is very beneficial for diabetes patients It works to control the level of blood sugar and It reduces blood sugar levels rapidly for metabolism in the body

Remedy- Soak coriander leaves in water overnight and filter in the morning and drink water If you want so you can also use coriander seeds in your food It also benefits a lot

Coriander leaves to lose weight

Coriander is a food item that works to increase metabolism and burn fat experts believe that a decoction made from coriander leaves or seeds reduces the level of lipids in the blood which does not cause weight gain just boil green coriander leaves in hot water and make tea by drinking it,

Do this at least 4 to 5 times a week after doing this for a few days you will start seeing weight loss If you have also adopted many tricks to lose weight then try this recipe of green coriander too Here we are telling you about such healthy juice which can be easily reduced in weight

Remember Do not forget to do exercises

Weight loss Drink - Coriander Lemon Juice

First squeeze one lemon in a pot and extract its juice Now add 60 grams of mashed green coriander leaves and add water to it Mix it well. Take this juice on an empty stomach continuously for 5 days this will not only remove the impurities present in the blood but will also reduce the weight by 5 kg

Cleans urine

If yellowing is present in your urine then grind dry coriander and mix 2 spoons ground coriander in 1 glass of water Boil it for 5 to 7 minutes and when it cools down take it out. It will be prove beneficial drinking in the morning and evening

Side effects of Coriander 

Coriander water is also considered safe for most people if it is consumed in a limited quantity But people who are allergic should not consume it and if they drink too much coriander water then it can also cause some harm in the body:

Talking about the side effects caused by drinking coriander water it includes allergic reaction and increased sensitivity to sunlight you may be at greater risk of sunburn and skin cancer due to increased sensitivity to sunlight If you are pregnant 

Side Effects of coriander Seeds

Many people do not like the aroma of coriander so it can cause coriander allergy in such people.

Coriander seeds can reduce blood sugar In such a situation if you consume it in excessive quantity then your blood sugar can be very low

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