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Sayyid dynasty

Before this article we have published Slave Dynasty, Khilji dynasty and Tughlaq dynasty in the sequence of Delhi sultanate on Knowledgeneed now two article are left Sayyid dynasty and Lodi dynasty

Sayyid dynasty rulers

Khizr khan  (1414 to 1421)

Mubarak shah  (1421 to 1434)

Fareed khan 

Muhammad Shah  (1434 to 1413)

Alam shah  (1443 to 1451)


Khizr khan was the founder and fareed khan Never become a ruler but his children Muhammad shah and Alam shah ruled their dynasty

Slave Dynasty, Khilji dynasty and Tughlaq dynasty are also known as Turkish dynasty or Sultanate but Sayyid empire was not the same it was different and Khizr was the founder of this dynasty 

Khizr khan was the descendant of Mongol and he was come to delhi with taimur lang to looting Delhi 

Historian says that after looting Delhi taimur lang handed Multan, Lahore and few more nearby area to khizar khan which are now situated in Pakistan 

However Khizar khan was not satisfied with Lahore and Multan so that is why he decided to occupied Delhi at that time Daulat Khan Lodi was trying to ruled delhi 

But he could not do it because Khizar khan had taken control of Delhi by defeating Daulat Khan from his way

This is how this dynasty was established which lasted from 1414 to 1451

Khizr Khan (1414 to 1421 AD) 

Timur had entrusted Khizr Khan to Multan, Dipalpur and Lahore while returning from India but after the death of Nasiruddin Mahmud the last ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty in 1414 AD he took over the Delhi Sultanate 

Its said that Khizr Khan never held the title of Sultan he accused himself with the title of Rayat I Ala, He considered Timur's fourth son and successor under Shahrukh and used to sent him revenue from India

He always inscribed the name of Tughlaq rulers on the coins

He appointed Malik Tofa (Malik-us- Sharq) as his Governor and gave him the title of Taj al-Mulk

Sheikh Jalaluddin of Bukhara called Khizr Khan as Sayyid so on his death in 1421 people mourned wearing black robes

Mubarak Shah (1421 to 1434 AD)

After the death of Khizr Khan his son became the ruler named Mubarak Shah in 1421 On the death bed Khizr Khan declared him as his successor

He was the most qualified ruler of the Sayyid dynasty and after becoming the ruler, he taught his name's Khutbah and got his name on the coins

He denied foreign ownership unlike his father and assumed the title of Shah

His governor was a Muslim who had converted to islam from hindusim Malik named Sarwar ul mulk

At that time Khoshar leader of Jasrath rebelled on the north-west border that is why Mubarak Shah sent an Afghan leader Bahlol Lodi to suppress it but unfortunately he joined him

In February 1434, when Mubarak Shah was inspecting at Mubarakabad, his governor Malik Sarwar ul Mulk murdered him by deceit

Muhammad Shah (1434 to 1445 AD)

The next ruler Muhammad Shah of Sayyid empire became a ruler in 1334 and he called Bahlol Lodi as a son and gave him the title of Khan-e-Khana or Khan e Jahan because he was dependent on Bahlol Lodi for the protection of his capital

Alauddin Alamshah (1445to 1451 AD)

He was the last ruler of the of this dynasty he got into a fight with his governor Hameed Khan. 

Hameed Khan invited Bahlol Lodi to sit on the throne of Delhi.  

The Sultan moved to Badaun by seeing his weak position and handed over the throne to Bahlol Lodi in 1450 AD.  

After this he continued to rule over Badaun till his death (1476 AD)

Sayyid dynasty Fact

The Rulers of this dynasty used to call themselves Descendants of Prophet Muhammad (Blessings be upon him) Even though no descendants of him is alive 


Sayyid dynasty MAP

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